The last week was very special. In our company we had a fantastic teambuilding project. Complely in the wilderness, without phone reception and bad WLAN. It was an intensive but absolute relaxed time. The weekend was more stressfull. On sunday my body said to me: “You need a challange. Move your butt, take your bike and go!” Okay, I did it – hear to your body!

340 meters in altitude – one of my most frightening hills. I was completely destroyed after defeating him. I wasn’t fast and made some small rests. But I get it! I’m a beginner in cycling and every matched challange is a big success for me.

But it shows me, how untrained I am. More then that! I think, I have some bigger problems with my fitness. When I make physical effort (climb stairs, heavyer segments while cycling), my heartbeat is unusal strong. So strong that it hurts me in my chest. My eyes turns black and I’m about to pass out. That scares me a lot.

When I’m back from my business trip on Crete, I think it’s better to check this by a doctor. Until then I will avoid new challenges. Wish me good luck!