Photography is a big part of my being. Several years I worked as a wedding photographer in and around Berlin. In my quality time I took photos of nature, landscapes, architecture and other things. But anytime, I had no time for this hobby and I sold my complete photo-equipment.

The photographer Chase Jarvis said: “The best camera is the one, that’s with you”. With this meme I worked great for the last years. My iPhone is the perfect gear for taking and editing photos everytime. With Apps like Snapseed and VSCOcam there are powerfull tools to create atmospheric pictures.

Everytime I’m faszinated about the quality of the iPhone-pictures. Actually I use the iPhone 7. And yes, I’m a Apple fanboay! But… Since the release of the new Huawei P20 Pro I’m looking a bit to this Android-phone, because the camera is outstanding and fantastic. I saw some pics on Twitter and the greatest feature is the zoom lens. The resolution is really awesome. Hard to believe, that these pictures comes out of a smartphone. In spite of everything, a new puchase is out of question. Before I think about a purchase for an additional lens from olloclip or an other manufacturer. I’m very excited, which possibilies my iPhone gives me with that tool.