With the new strategy of my online content I cleaned up some themes. Everyone who know me knows, that I love my fulltime job at infoWAN. I work as a product manager for cloud services, primary for Microsoft Office 365. I make stratagy consulting and help our customers to change their meeting- and collaboration culture with the new technology. It’s a very exciting work and in the past, I wrote a lot of things about that in my blog.

But now I won’t do that anymore. Not here. All what you’ll find an swbbn.de is completely private and it’s not depending with my job. All what I have to tell about Office 365, consulting and technical news you will find on LinkedIn. This will be my plattform to share my occupational content. In the next time I will start to create some stuff for that. At the moment I’m on Crete (Greece) on a special Microsoft strategy training and my head is full of new ideas and findings.