With the Genaral Data Protection Regulation, any company that stores and processes personal data has to do many things. It’s all about building clear processes, transparency and fairness. I’m not a company, but in my opinion, it’s nevertheless time to think about datatracking on my own website. Do I really need data about my visitors? Is it important for me to know how many visitors I have and where they come? I made some decisions.

No tools for analytics. The number of visitors is not important for me. And from where they are also not. I know, there are some tools that anonymize collected data or delete the not relevant data. But it’s okay for me, to do without that. And I deactiveted the tracking-tool of my webspace provider Domainfactory.

With WordPress, it’s not easy to find all the build-in trackers. I wondered about a tracking tool, because I did not find it. Some research later: Gravatar was the enemy. This small inject collect userdata, and the most of WordPress-users don’t know about it. But it’s easy to deactivate it and everything is okay. You have no avatars in the comment-section, but…

… I have not comments. Yes, that’s my next decision: I generally deactivated the comment-functionality in my blog. And it’s interesting, this was not hard for me. In the past, blog-comments were very important. Now, severals years later, they are completely unpopular. If you get feedback to an article, you get it on Twitter or other social media ways. Seriously, this is sad. I loved the conversations on the blogs. It was very personal, more directly and the bloggosphere was more alive. But these times are gone. In case of my decision, when blog-comments are dead, is’t okay for me to cancel the functionality. In addition, i no longer have worry about spam.

One other task is done, too. Since a long time I would add the SSL-certificate. Nor you will see the HTTPS and the green lock in your adress-bar. For example: if you fill out the form at the contact-page, when sending your personal data is encrypted.

By the way, when you send me an email, my mails are hosted by Microsoft Office 365 for Business. In Office 365 are all apps and backend-systems completely GDPR-compliant. You can read about it in their Online Service Terms (OST). If you need information about emails from you, it’s very easy for me to search and extract these mails and hand it out.

In the bottom of this page you see the menue. One point is Privacy. On this page I describe my strategy. And I make an offer for transparency: you can order an tour through my blog-system. I will show you the backend of WordPress and gave you a view to the database. Everybody Everyone is welcome to see for themselves, how these sites work and how seriously I take the issue of privacy.