“Ups, am I on the wrong website?” If you visited this blog in the past, you will see: nothing is at the same place. And all the old things do not exist anymore. Welcome to my new website. Have fun to explore the new stuff. And now, I will tell you the reasons for this new start.

Everything starts with the social media desaster. Over the last years, and especially in the last few weeks, the press reports about data leaks at Facebook. And Instragram plays in the same universe.

Last year I joined Instagram and was very happy with that service. But now, it’s a mass of advertisement. The usability goes down and the fun became less. I refuse the general strategy of Facebook a lot. The merge of the metadata from Facebook and Whats App is still in the air. It’s time for me to go and delete my account at Instagram and by time at Whats App.

VERO is a new star on the market. The idea behind VERO (true social) is great, the handling with userdata is exemplary, but nobody is there. App.net died completley last year, what’s a very great lost. The sad reality is: nobody is willing to pay for social media. The most pays with their data. But this is an old theme.

Where can I go? Other social media picture-services have about the same bad conditions like Facebook. And my biggest wish was, to have one place for all my content. The only answer for me was to bring all that stuff to my own website. The music, the photography and my writings. And now, this is the small restart.

One question remains open: What’s about my Twitter account? Twitter worked also together with Cambridge Analytica and gave them entry to personal data. Same procedure like Facebook. And this behavior earns deleting the account. But I love Twitter. All my relevant news I get from there. I like the conversations and interactions there. It would break my heart, to do this last step. Because of that, my Twitter account stays remain until I find a smarter way. Now I have only Twitter and this blog.

And now the last two reasons for the new concept of this blog: In the past, I wrote mostly long articles. But my free time is so rarely. To find the motivation for typing text I decided to write more short entries. Last but not leased: I have a new home for my music. Soundcloud was my last home for the audio-files, but I don’t like the website of them. Now I have a special section for that and it’s more flexible for forthcoming projects.

Yes, I’m happy with this new setup 🙂

Picture source: Pixabay