I work with several devices. Many things I did with my 13 inch iPad Pro, actual I do the most things with the Surface Book 2 from my work.

My MacBook Pro comes from late 2008. This is an absolute incredible machine! In the past I did everything with it. I don’t know how many hours that device does all the work I needed. I wrote so many articles, blogposts and whitepapers. It accompanied me in my time as a wedding photographer and processed unbelievably much terrabyte of photos. It endured my creepy tries to develop software. It helped me to produce some movies and enchant other people with them. And now I went my first steps in producing music. The MacBook Pro and I have a ten year close friendship.

Last night, a fuse in my appartment passed. “Not so bad”, I thought. But today, I found the reason for that. The power adapter of my MacBook Pro is dead. And I hoped I can use the additional weekend day to make new music. That won’t work now.

The other point is: How will it go on? Should I buy a not original power adapter (there are no original adapter from Apple)? Or should I buy a new Mac and renounce the holiday? I need a plan.