Today I was waiting for my wife, while she was at the doctor. More than one hour I sat on a bench with a good view to the main street along the train station.

Hundreds of cars, busses and motorcycles passed noisily. In quite moments (I think everywhere was a red trafficlight) the birds started with chirping. In such a moment a Tesla Model X passed. And some little Renault Zoe. And all of them made only a quite noise from the tires. Not more. There was nothing to disturbed the nature – the birds, the sound of the wind.

Anyone who does not care, think only of themselve and their own advantage. And they have no right to live on this planet.

I know, these are hard words. But I don‘t say, everyone have to throw away his actually car. That’s not possible and not purposeful. But everyone who now has to decide what kind of car he or she wants to buy should at least consider this topic without prejudice.

We all habe responsibility.