I take privacy very serious. And the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a step in the right direction to protect personal data. I want to explain you, why your visit on this blog is no privacy risk for you.

No Tracking, Mostly

For the most owners of a website it is very important to know, how many visitors come to their pages, where they come from and so on. For me, isn’t. Therefore…

  1. I deleted all WordPress plugins for statistics. Also I deleted the old data from the database.
  2. I deactivated the logs at my domain provider and deleted all historic data also.
  3. This website doesn’t use Cockies.
  4. Gravatar is a tracker integrate in WordPress. I deactivated that tool.
  5. I removed all the social media buttons.

But I can’t prevent the following cases: When I implement a Twitter-post or a Strava-activity in my blogposts, it will activate social tracking of the respective provider. The possibly collected data will not stored or processed on swbbn.de. This will happen on their systems. Please note the information on http://twitter.com/privacy and https://www.strava.com/legal/privacy.

Do you need more control about these trackers? Please install the browser-plugin Ghostery. This tool will tell you, which trackers work on a visited website and you can block them.


The comment functionality is deactivated. The past shows me, that’s not more usual to leave comments in a blog. At least in my blog… If I win reactions to my posts they were on Twitter.

The GDPR says I should only store and process data that absolute necessary. When the comment functionality is not secessary for that blog, it’s the logical next step to deactivate it. Do you want to say something about my content? Please do this on Twitter or use the contact form. Thank you for your understanding!


You wrote me an Email? All my mails stored on Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online). Microsoft is absolute GDPR-conform and gives me the necessary tools to answer your request for report or deletion.

The following Word-files are the Online Services Terms of Microsoft. They describe the handling with userdata:

Request for a self-report

Please use the following form, if you need a self-report about possibly stored data about you. In this context, you can request the deletion.

You need more trust? No problem. You can ask for a privacy-tour. In a Skype-session I will show you all the systems, the software and databases entries. You will see: there are no personal data of the visitors.